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Czarina (°◇° )ゞ
28 November 2024 @ 06:13 am

Care to know me?

Once you're done reading, tell the reason why I should add you back by dropping a comment~ :D

EDIT as of May 2, 2010: ON HIATUS

*I add people who have same fandom as mine.
**If you add me for leeching purposes, I'm so sorry. We can't be friends.
***I suddenly remove people from my friend list, so if it happens that one day you couldn't see my entries anymore, you've been removed. Reason is you don't bother to comment.
I'm in: Atobe's ♥
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Czarina (°◇° )ゞ
06 January 2024 @ 09:24 pm

K u r o s h i t s u j i
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